1. The school assembly begins at 8:45 AM

  2. All should arrive at the school before 8:30 AM

  3. Every student is given a copy of the school diary which must be brought daily to school

  4. All students shall make themselves acquainted with the rules and regulations notified for their conduct. Ignorance of rules will not be accepted as an excuse.

  5. When the bell at 08:30 is given, all the students are expected to be in their respective classes. When the second bell rings, they should assemble in silence and in order for assembly. They should come and go for the assembly in line and in order.

  6. English is the only medium of communication in the school campus Students for study and got for recreation Any kind of damage done to school property on school duty.

  7. Perfect silence must be observed in the classrooms. Classrooms are reserves such as Equipment, furniture, building etc will have to be made good by the student himself/ herself.

  8. Every student shall greet their teachers of the school when he or she meets them in the class and in the school premises.

  9. Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is never allowed. when passing the class and in the school premises

  10. Students are strictly forbidden to write or make any remarks on the walls of any part of the school premises or furniture and students found doing so will be liable to punishment.

  11. Punctuality and regular attendance will be insisted upon. I ate comers without written explanation from parents or guardians will not be admitted in the class. Irregular attendance, neglect of home assignment, misbehavior even outside the school premises and insubordination to school authorities will justify disciplinary action against the students

  12. No student is allowed to leave the school premises without the permission of the Principal

  13. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings

  14. No students are allowed to bring in the school any books (other than school test books or library books) magazines or articles like mobile phone, camera, any electronic items etc. without the permission of the Principal

  15. Every student attending the school is obliged to take part in all the school activities.

  16. No students shall enter any class room other than his/her own without permission

  17. Letters addressed to student, C/o school may be delivered open.

  18. Smoking, use of tobacco, pan, alcohol, drugs etc. or possession of any of it may lead to expulsion from the Institution.